Monday, February 11, 2008

What is a Stamp Club?

What is a Stamp Club, exactly? It's a small group which gets together once a month to learn techniques and create projects AND slowly grow their stamp & accessory collection. Here is how it works:

For a Stampin' Up! order to reach "workshop" status it has to reach $150 in merchandise. So in a Stamp Club members evenly split that amount each month and take turns receiving the hostess benefits. If a Stamp Club has 6 members each person would order at least $25 in merchandise each month. Susie Stamper is the first month's hostess so she receives the free hostess stamp set and the $15 in free merchandise. The next month it's Elaine Embellishment's turn to be hostess so she receives the goodies. When you are the hostess you can also take outside orders from friends, family, and coworkers so that you can receive even more free stuff!

If you join a Stamp Club with 6 members you commit to that club for 6 months at $25 each month. If you join one with 8 members you commit to that club for 8 months at $18.75 each month. Each month I will plan 2-4 projects for you and host the Stamp Club in my home so that you don't have to do anything but order your merchandise.

Editted to add: Your Stamp Club could be a Scrapbooking Club. The focus of the club can be whatever the members want it to be!

Those are the basics for Stamp Club. If I've gotten you interested then send me an email! Gather your friends for this fun, easy, stamping experience!


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