Monday, February 11, 2008

Stampin' Scrub & Mist

When I attended my first Stampin' Up! workshop I was impressed by the Stampin' Scrub and Stampin' Mist stamp cleaning products - but not enough to buy them. After all, I was just a scrapbooker at that point who occasionally used stamps on my pages. What I didn't realize then was I would probably use my stamps a bunch more if I'd had an easy way to clean them.

When I became a demonstrator and received the Stampin' Scrub & Stampin' Mist in my starter kit I realized what I had been missing! I like to tell people that it changed my life - and from a stamping standpoint it really did.

It couldn't be easier to clean your stamps using these products. The Stampin' Scrub is double-sided; on one side you spray your Stampin' Mist then rub your stamp on it and on the other side you dry your stamp. You are immediately ready to stamp again! Sure, you can use a baby wipe or paper towel to clean your stamps, but that takes longer. And the Stampin' Mist has a conditioner in it that is good for the rubber on your stamps.

Both of these products are located on page 184 of the current Spring-Summer 2008 Collection catalog for Stampin' Up! The Stampin' Scrub is $14.95 and the Stampin' Mist is $3.95, so for less than $20 (before shipping & tax) you can change your stamping life, too! Contact me to order yours!


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