Thursday, November 02, 2006

Less Than a Week!

With less than a week to go now before the workshop, I'm getting more and more excited and a little nervous. Anne has been great - very helpful to me. She will be doing 2 projects - a demo and a "make & take" for us. I'll demo a thing or two also.

Some reminders - the party is Wednesday, November 8, 7 PM at my house. Here is the Evite link. If you haven't decided yet about attending, please make your decision as soon as possible so that Anne can plan how many "make & take" projects she needs to prepare. If you haven't said yes or no yet you'll get an email from me tomorrow.

Next, bring a friend if you want. I use the word friend, but it could also be your sister, cousin, mom, co-worker, co-worker's dog groomer's 2nd cousin, etc. As long as you know them and you want to bring them they are welcome.

As always, contact me with any questions!


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