Sunday, May 06, 2007

Stampin' Wheel Availability Update

The following wheels are no longer available for purchase from Stampin' Up! as the supplies have all been exhausted:
Adoring Hearts Jumbo
Baby Rattle Jumbo
Builder Bits
Candy Cane Christmas
Flitting By Jumbo
Gifts Galore
Gingerbread Man
Great Outdoors
Hand Prints
Many Mittens
Only Ornaments

Paw Tracks
Pine Bough
Size It Up
Square Pegs Jumbo
Star Studded
Sweet Feet

Swirl Fun
Wash Day Jumbo

The following wheels are now in limited supply so order quickly if you want them!
Baby Time
Blossoms & Bugs
Farmyard Jumbo
Heart Angels
Hollyhock Jumbo
Leaves & Swirls Jumbo
Love Swirls
Millinery Jumbo
Polka Dot Blocks
Spooky Spiders
Swirling Stars Jumbo
Woodcut Holly Jumbo

The remaining wheels on the discontinued list are currently in ample supply:
Dry Brush Jumbo
Eau De Cologne
Everyday Blossoms Jumbo
Leaf Fest Jumbo
Lots Of Hearts Jumbo
Poinsettia Jumbo
Sew Sweet Jumbo

Jumbo wheels are $7.95 and regular wheels are $5.95. Contact me right away to order if your favorite is in limited supply!


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Elisa said...

See post from May 14th. All wheels are now available.